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Understanding fear in an epidemic. (Intuition)


You do not need to know python to attempt his challenge. Feel free to make any changes as it will not reflect in the orignal copy.

Brush up on your SIR defintion here :

Fear makes people stay at home and thus fewer people interact. For this challenge we assume that fear uniformly affects people irrespective of state.

You have to define a mathematical function for fear with parameters S,I,R with output between 0 and 1. Fear 1 indicates that everyone stays at home and there is no spread at all. Fear 0 means that everyone is outside and is equivalent to the normal SIR model. Fear does not affect the rate of recovery.

How to submit:

Open the Notebook in Google Colab and get going! Download your solution as .ipynb or .py file and send it to!

All the best!

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